For the execution of wear standing coatings, our production capacity is granted by the equipments which are actually available:
  • TAFA JP-5000 HVOF

Coatings can be made on pieces with simple or multi complex geometrical shape using aABB robot with 7 controlled axis.  A sandblasting cabinet size 5 x 4 x 3,5 mt. allows us to prepare the surface, before coating, at one’s best, in order to ensure a perfect adhesion of the material.

The company, thanks to the co-operation with a qualified external laboratory, can supply conformity certificates, micrographic tests, microhardness tests, etc…

Petrol Coatings is able to carry out coatings and lappings of balls and seats for valves up to 38”. Before the adjustment, we check the concentricity of seats and, if necessary, we grind them by means of a special equipment provided with a quote viewer on three axis and rotary table at 360° orientable working axis.

We have also a complete range of “cast iron seats” and a set of drills suitable for fast lapping of balls up to 42”, for valves with seats in peek or other plastics.